eGovernance and Free Software : An event hosted by the United Nations University

March 02, 2006
Today I was rather surprised to get an invitation via email to attend a panel named 'eGovernance and Free Software' which is being hosted on 16th March 2006 by the United Nations University. The first reaction I had was that someone was pulling a fast one on me. But after visiting their website, I realised that there is indeed a university sponsored by United Nations and it enjoys a yearly grant of $40.7 million. And it also employs 211 staff from over 30 countries. The charter of this university is to contribute to the efforts to resolve the pressing global problems of member countries through research and by training personel.

The panel will concentrate on the area of how to achieve technological self determination by developing countries especially in the area of opensource software. The panel will research through discussion why it is in the best interests of the developing world to become an active participant of the opensource movement by contributing their efforts in further development of the products.

The function is being held in New York and a series of distinguished personalities like Mr. Michael Tiemann who is the Vice President at Red Hat are set to take part in the panel. So if you are living in and around New York or will be in the city on 16th of March 2006, and are interested in the opensource movement, then you may drop by at United Nations Headquarters building in conference room 6 and take part in the event.

But to attend the event, you have to first register at their website.


  • Hi,
    Didn't know that there is a University run by United Nations. I live in new york. May be if I get the time, I will go and visit the seminar.

    Thanks for the news.