Which software would you like to see ported to Linux?

January 31, 2006
I have always wondered about this all the while not because I am unhappy with the applications currently bundled with Linux. But purely in a business point of view, this is a pertinent question. A major reason that businesses shy away from embracing Linux is because many of the software that they use do not have a Linux equivalent. And some of these software do play a dominant role in the market in their respective spheres.

I can think of a few software like Adobe Photoshop, FlashMX, Director, Quicken Financial software, Shockwave and Adobe Illustrator to name a few.

Now Novell - a big shot in the Linux distribution market - is running a survey to determine which applications the users feel is critical for their enterprises and would like them to be ported to Linux. So if you have any software in your wish list which run only on Windows at present, then this is the right time to visit their site and let yourselves be heard.


  • Don

    I'd like to see Quicken ported to Linux. It's the just about the only thing stopping me from moving everything to Fedora right now. I know I could use Crossover Office but I'd prefer a product built for Linux.

  • I use a dual-boot machine so I have access to AutoCAD and Flash. Although Flash is for personal use. ;)

  • There are two pieces of Windoze software that I would like to see ported to Linuz:

    TextPad - the best text editor (see http://www.textpad.com); and

    Pretty Good Solitaire - the best computer card game (see http://www.goodsol.com/).

    Clearly 'best is a bit subjective, but if these two were available for Linux I would change from dual boot to Linux only.


  • sami

    how is GIMP inferior to photoshop? isn't it just the question of learning new ways of doing the same things? i prefer emacs over even visual studio, other editors/ides should come far behind. only Eclipse is more productive than emacs imo.

  • Picasa or something that rocksolid for linux. Yes, I know about F-Spot/Gnome-Viewer/DeezNutz but I prefer Picasa. Its sexy.

    Microsoft® Money® Sure we have gnucash and microsoft is most certainly part of god's final plans for armageddon but damn if the interface isn't slick and I can follow all of my stockses and grow my millionaire ambitions. Of course linux wouldn't have the crappy advertisements that money now has. BG is the antiosigroupachrist.

    Quickbooks Same ilk as money except the SOLE reason I can't get rid of windows at my office. Sure turbocash is open source, but then again, I'd be free too if I smelled like fish. Of course I mean this in the best possible light. Its a start.

    iTunes Tired of dicking around with GTKpod, Rhythymbox and other exceedingly difficult and verbose ipod interfaces? Lord knows I am! Seriously. Give me iTunes! Steve, seriously, give me iTunes or the power to make Rythymbox like much, much better.

    By the power of grayskull! -=Flame On=-

    Jim Jawn

  • I think the number one Windows program I miss on Linux is DVD Shrink.
    Linux simply does NOT have such an easy solution to copying a DVD9 to a DVD-R!

    I write about this app, and others, on my Web site, as the main reasons for not being able to switch to Linux the primary and only OS.

    (More specifically: Episode 4)

  • Kenneth

    As someone has already mentioned, iTunes. And even though your question addressed Windows apps, I wouldn't mind seeing a port of AppleWorks or even the entire iWork '0x bundle. Might make the price of MS Office drop a few pennies when the iWork apps reach a little more maturity...

  • Apple software in general, but principally iTunes. I can't understand how can Apple just ignore Linux users and not making available it's jukebox/store.
    Also a good take from the others commentators was M$ Money (yes, I think it's much better than Quicken) and Picasa.

  • xunil.penguin

    As a Linux Network Admin in a world of Windows admins the one tool I would love to see run natively in Linux? VISIO

    Everything else is has replacement or can run in an emulator.

    oh! and maybe World of Warcraft.