10 things you should know about every Linux installation

January 04, 2006
I still remember the first time I had to use a non-windows operating system. I couldn't make head or tail of how to navigate the file hierarchy. It was so different from the working of windows that I had to overcome a steep learning curve. But once I mastered the Linux way of working and its file hierarchy, I felt that it was (and is) a robust operating system and has very many advantages over the windows OS.

Jeffery.G.Thomas has writen an insightful article which details the ten things one should know about every linux installation.


  • Ctrl-Alt-Esc doesn't do anything on my Ubuntu 5.10 distro. Is that just Ubuntu that this doesn't work in?

  • Maybe you are working on a different window manager than gnome. It doesn't work for me too and I think it could be because I use Xfce.

  • Considering it is supposed to kill an X window it ought to work on any desktop environment and window manager. It certainly worked on KDE.

    Might also be that Ubuntu took this function out?

  • I too am using ubuntu and ctrl+alt+esc does not launch Xkill...all it seems to do is highlight between my gnome panels.

    I'm thinking this was removed from gnome, becuase it works in KDE and fluxbox.

  • I believe that in Gnome, the sequence to kill an active Xwindow is alt-F4.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this can be modified in the X configuration.