Excellent set of Video tutorials on DNS , Network monitoring and Web server configuration

December 18, 2005
Are you looking forward to setting up an intranet in your office or home network? Then you will benefit by setting up DNS on your server. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is used to resolve names to IP address and vice versa. For example, when you type the name www.google.com, it is the DNS server's job to translate this name to the IP address of the google server.

On this note, Jake Paulus has put together an excellent set of videos which hand holds a person through the whole setup and configuration process. The video tutorials can be either downloaded or viewed online as a flash presentation. He has also created video tutorials for configuring a web server (apache + mysql + php) as well as a Linux network monitor ntop.

I strongly recommend anybody interested in these Linux topics to view the videos.

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  • Ravi,
    Thanks for the link. It is no doubt a beautiful tutorial. I learned a lot by viewing it.