An Evening with Jeff Waugh - an employee at Canonical

December 30, 2005

Are you curious as to what the people at Canonical (the creators of Ubuntu) are doing ? Do you download and try out the latest versions of Ubuntu when they come out ? On November 7th 2005, Jeff Waugh, an employee at Canonical had given a talk at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, as part of his BadgerBadgerBadger tour where he had offered his insights into GNOME and Ubuntu in a talk titled "Running with Scissors".

He had touched upon topics as wide ranging as the dominant desktop (GNOME) running in Ubuntu, the applications that run on it like beagle, tomboy, f-spot (I use all these applications on a regular basis and can vouch for their usefullness myself) and also upcoming projects like Dashboard, Galago, Telepathy, Istanbul and Sabayon and of course the future goals of the Ubuntu project.

Colin McGregor has written a synopsis of what transpired in the talk given by Jeff Waugh which is a very interesting read.


  • I wonder how high in the hierarchy Jeff is in Canonical. Is he just an employee or somebody high up the ladder ?