JS/UIX - A Unix shell which runs in a web browser

November 28, 2005
JS/UIX is a unix shell which can be run inside a web browser. The uniqueness of this project is that the whole shell has been coded entirely in javascript. It supports around 55 commands and even has a game called 'invaders' to amuse oneself during free time.

Fig: Preview of Unix shell running inside the web browser

Even though JS/UIX comes nowhere near a standard unix/linux shell, it helps a person to try out many shell commands when he has no immediate access to a linux or unix machine. Any web browser greater than Netscape 4+ and MS IE 4+ can run the shell without any problems provided you have enabled javascript.


  • Ben

    Wow. Very very cool.

    I'm not sure what it'd be best used for - maybe as a teaching aid for schools with a very limited budget.

    However I'm impressed with the level of detail the developer has gone to. It even has a partially fleshed out version of vi!