Integrating Mac, Linux and Windows machines in a network with centralized login

November 16, 2005
You work for a large corporation which contains 100s of computers running a variety of OSes from Linux to OSX to Windows. And all these machines have to communicate with each other as well as be used by multiple users. In this situation, it would be desirable if you could enable centralized login. Nate Osbone has written a cool article which details how to set up such a network using centrally managed user accounts . Linux machines run Samba server to connect and share files with its windows counterparts. A very well written, informative article with lots of pictures.


  • I found this article to be pretty helpful in my quest for single sign on (linux on AD)

    You will encounter problems (I'll be negative so that you don't have to). A great source of help looks like

    My 2 cents...


  • Also the MacOS X uses samba to share it's files with a Windows computer.