Installing linux on a Mac Mini

April 10, 2005
I have always been fascinated by the iMacs from Apple after I got to use an iMac at a friends place. But buying one was beyond my price range until Apple released the Mac Mini - widely touted as the budget Mac which could make the PC run for their money.

For people who doesn't know - Apple brings out the Mac series of machines running their own proprietary OS called OSX. This Operating system is built on a Unix base (more specifically the FreeBSD) and so can run most command line tools of Unix/Linux. Also unlike the PC which is built on Intel architecture, the Mac computers use the G5 Chipset (PowerPC Architecture). Frankly speaking, each Mac computer could be considered to be a piece of art considering the elegant look and latest technologies used in them.

Now my writing about this in the blog dedicated to linux takes significance because I have always wondered if Linux could be installed on a Mac computer. Recently, I came across this article which gives a detailed explanation on Installing Debian Linux on the Mac Mini. Those of you who are thinking of buying a Mac Mini might be interested to know that you can also dual boot between Linux and OSX in the Mac Mini just like you do in a PC.